Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Food Journey

I haven't done much lately with this blog. I've been spending all my time over at my other blog, Six Feet Under Blog . I've been blogging over there for some time now, but accomplishing very little. I've weighed my options with the whole "blogging thing" and realized that I wanted more from my blogging and get into more of a niche blogging. I want to set a goal and have a purpose to my blogging. Blogging about my family life is fun, but not something I want to spend all my free time doing. I will still be blogging on that blog, but I'm going to start a fun new journey over here.

If you've read my other blog, you've had to put up with me whining about how I love foodie blogs. Foodie bloggers are kind and helping individuals. They won't shun you and everyone helps everyone when it comes to food. I also love beautiful photos of food. As a photographer, I would love to take wonderful food photos as well. The only thing is, I CAN'T COOK. Yep. Just ask the kids and hubby.

I started this blog originally as a food review blog-I figured that if I couldn't cook, I could do the next best thing and review food that somebody other then I created. It was fun. I still plan on doing reviews, I just want to do more.

So, I have decided to use Moody Food Reviews to document my journey of learning how to cook and to become a food photographer-or close to. How fun! I hope to build a readership of supporters (and critics) to help me a long the way. Yes. I need your help. Your advice. Your hugs when (if) I do something right.

I want to clue you into just how much I don't know how to cook. I am starting at square one of cooking 101. I'm documenting my first "dish" for this journey with cinnamon toast. lol. I know. This will be a LONG journey. Hopefully a year from now, I will be posting some fabulous dish that I made and the photograph of it will be fabulous.

So, here was breakfast and my first "shot" (pun intended) at food photography.

What do you think? Give it to me, or if you like it, I'd love to hear about it as well. I have started studying food photography already and I have been practising on different still life. I have to tell you, I love coffee cups, so they have been doing some major modeling work. In fact, I have to show you my favorite cup.

You will probably be seeing this cup in a lot of photos. Don't worry though, I have many other cups too that might find their way into a photo or two.

Now, along with doing product reviews, showing the end product of my latest creation and learning how to take food photos, I want to do some local restaurant reviews. Unfortunately, I don't live in a major city, but I hope to come across an interesting eating place or two.

I'm hoping to keep you coming back by running some contests as well.

I may never learn how to be a brilliant chef or famous food photographer, but I sure will try my hardest and have fun along the way! ;)


Capability said...

Looks great - I can't wait to read more!

Sara said...

Love the photos ... especially the mug ... adorable! :)

MollyCookie said...

Good luck on your journey! Cooking is fun, and that cinnamon toast looks delicious. You are well on your way!

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