Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Using canned food for convenience while cooking.

Canned foods can be so helpful when it comes to cooking. I use them whenever I can to help save time while cooking. TwitterMoms offered a chance to learn more and blog in conjunction with The Canned Food Alliance, I learned so many things about canned food.

I learned:
Beans go through a seven step cleansing process.
Beans can be used straight from the can.
The darker the bean, the more oxidants.
Cans are reusable for life

My favorite recipe using canned foods:
Refried Bean Dip:
2 cans of refried beans
1 can of Black Olives (precut)
1 cup of salsa
1 cup of shredded cheese.
Open the cans of refried beans and scoop into a bowl. Microwave for 20 seconds to soften it up. Open the jar of salsa and measure out a cup of salsa and add to bowl. Mix them together until throughly mixed. Open can of black olives and cut up into small pieces if you don't have the precut) Mix in the black olives. Sprinkle cheese on top to liking.
Thats it! This dip is perfect with tortilla chips!

Watch the Field to Table Video

Canned Food Alliance

Saturday, February 20, 2010

479° Popcorn Review

I love names of companies that are cool. 479° Popcorn is such a cool name. When I saw that name, I knew they had to have an awesome product. The owner, Jean Arnold, came up with the name when she realized that 479° was the perfect temp to make popcorn. This popcorn is also organic popcorn-just like her mom used to make-that she perfected by testing over and over.

I got to review a new product of theirs.I was sent the Pop It Yourself Kit ($35).
PIY Kit contains:
*32oz organic heirloom popcorn (Shaman Blue,
Yellow Topaz, Dakota Black, White Diamond)
*16.5 oz La Tourangelle organic, high-oleic
sunflower oil
*4 Gourmet Salt & Sugar Blends (Fiery Habanero
Sugar; Roasted Onion Salt; Aromatic Curry Salt;
Toasted Coconut Sugar)
*10 Paper Popcorn Cones
*Recipe cards, popcorn-making instructions and
pairing suggestions

I was anxious to try some organic popcorn and the flavors sounded awesome. Now, I'm a total pop-the-corn-in-the-microwave girl, so I wasn't sure if I would know how to pop it the old fashion way. I followed the instructions and soon, the house was smelling of yummy popcorn.

I split up the popcorn and tried each of the flavors. I was amazed at the flavor of the popcorn and each flavor salts were delicious!

I knew I now had a gift idea for some lucky friend in the future.

I think this would make a great snack for movie night or game night.

Keep a supply on hand for any occasion.

Visit 479° Popcorn today and get you some!

"I was sent a free product for review. I was not paid for this review and this is my honest opinion."

After popping

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quince and Apple Jams

Quince and Apple was so gracious to send me the Mini Jams and Jars set.
Quince and Apple is a company that I found on Foodzie. They are based out of Madison, Wisconsin. (near me! Well, I'm in Iowa)

When I do reviews, the first thing I check out is the packaging. I have come to be spoiled with cute packaging when it comes receiving food products. The packaging that these came in did not disappoint me! I love the "country" look of brown paper "grass" and the cute crate that holds them will be put to good use long after the jams are gone.

Now, on to the taste. As you might of figured, I love to taste test jams and jellies.

I never stray from traditional flavors when I go to the store, so I like to be able to try new flavors. The flavor choices that you can pick are:

A. Shallot Confit, Pear, and Fig Preserves

B. Jars of Orange Marmalade, Pear, and Fig Preserves

Don't they all sound delicious?

I tried the Fig and Black Tea first and I have to say that I have never tried this flavor before.

I decided to try it on corn bread at the request of a friend. Very good! This could be used on toast or scone too. I've decided to wait on opening the others right now and am enjoying the look of them on my counter.

So, if you are looking for a homemade tasting jam, I would suggest Quince and Apple for great tasting jams and gift baskets.

"Quince and Apple sent me this product for review and I was not paid to do this review. This is my honest review."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Clusters

I love chocolate! If I had to pick one kind of candy to eat, I would pick chocolate.
When I found these Fruit and Nut Clusters from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates, I was all there.
These clusters sample includes:
Ginger Cluster - Fiery baby crystallized ginger
Cranberry Pecan Cluster - Sugared pecans and cranberries
Orange Peel Cluster - Candied Italian orange peels
Pistachio Cluster – Salted California pistachios
Apricot Cluster - Turkish dried apricot
I love the taste of sweet with salty. It's the best combination.
This company hand crafts truffles and chocolate treats with French chocolate and fresh, natural ingredients. Based out of Rochester, NY, they put love into each handcrafted piece.
If you are in the mood for chocolate-remember, Valentine's Day is coming up-visit them today and order a box -or two!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rogue Valley Gourmet Food Sampler-Cheeses, Sausages and more!

I love food samplers. You get a chance to try a little bit of different foods at the same time. I always think of Hickory Farms, when I think of sausage and crackers. When I came across Gary West Meats from Foodzie, I had to see what their sampler pack was all about.
The Rogue Valley Gourmet Food Sampler ($39) consists of local Rogue Valley products: The famous Rogue Creamery's herb flavored cheddar, All Beef Summer Sausage, crispy hand made Rosemary Crackers from the Deux Chat Bakery in Ashland, Gary West Sweet Hot Mustard, and Gary West Original Recipe Jerky.
Rich in flavors, this would be a great gift, or even just for snacking on a cold winter day.
Visit Gary West Meats today and check out what other delicious products and stock up today!

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