Saturday, February 20, 2010

479° Popcorn Review

I love names of companies that are cool. 479° Popcorn is such a cool name. When I saw that name, I knew they had to have an awesome product. The owner, Jean Arnold, came up with the name when she realized that 479° was the perfect temp to make popcorn. This popcorn is also organic popcorn-just like her mom used to make-that she perfected by testing over and over.

I got to review a new product of theirs.I was sent the Pop It Yourself Kit ($35).
PIY Kit contains:
*32oz organic heirloom popcorn (Shaman Blue,
Yellow Topaz, Dakota Black, White Diamond)
*16.5 oz La Tourangelle organic, high-oleic
sunflower oil
*4 Gourmet Salt & Sugar Blends (Fiery Habanero
Sugar; Roasted Onion Salt; Aromatic Curry Salt;
Toasted Coconut Sugar)
*10 Paper Popcorn Cones
*Recipe cards, popcorn-making instructions and
pairing suggestions

I was anxious to try some organic popcorn and the flavors sounded awesome. Now, I'm a total pop-the-corn-in-the-microwave girl, so I wasn't sure if I would know how to pop it the old fashion way. I followed the instructions and soon, the house was smelling of yummy popcorn.

I split up the popcorn and tried each of the flavors. I was amazed at the flavor of the popcorn and each flavor salts were delicious!

I knew I now had a gift idea for some lucky friend in the future.

I think this would make a great snack for movie night or game night.

Keep a supply on hand for any occasion.

Visit 479° Popcorn today and get you some!

"I was sent a free product for review. I was not paid for this review and this is my honest opinion."

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