Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Food Gift Guide Part 4

Oh am I bad? I promised a daily gift guide and I didn't follow through. Well, I'm snowed in right now, so I'm going to do today's and I promise to finish it tomorrow.

Ok, where did I leave off with? Oh yeah...

Idea #16
Two Piece Truffle Gift Boxes from Neo Cocoa ($5 for a box of two)

Yes, there has to be chocolate every day. Who doesn't like truffles? These type are shell less and look yummy and at this price, you need to buy two or more boxes!

Idea #17

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brittle from Made to Crave ($5.99 for a 5oz bag)
Who loves cookies? I do. I do. When it comes in "brittle" form, it's even better.

Idea #18

Chevre Goat Cheese & Honey Gift Box from Belle Chevre($45 a box)

Honey and fresh Chevre are a perfect match! This gift box includes with an

-8oz Belle Chevre Fromage Blanc

-Greek Kiss Chevre

-A 12-16oz hand-cut Honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company

-Gourmet crackers from Rutherford & Meyer.

Idea #19
Orange & Honey Fleur de Sel Caramels from Das Food ($6.99 a box)

Natural carmel is the best. It's always soft and chewy and, well, the best thing ever to find under a candy lover's tree!
Idea #20
Dark Chocolate Cocoa Beans from Aequare Chocolates ($4.99 a bag)

Chocolate covered cocoa beans-need I say more?

Now, come back tomorrow and check out the last part of our Holiday Food Gift Guide!


Anonymous said...

such yummy treats..

lovely blog..

following you via MBC...hope you will follow back..

~Shelley~ said...

~Happy Holidays~ Following from MBC! I'd love for you to come visit me!


smay said...

where can we get neo cocoa truffles? they look really good!
can I get them from melbourne?


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