Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Food Gift Guide Part 3

Day 3 of my Holiday Food Gift Guide. You can find it from the start here.

Idea #11

Jam from Sunchowder's Emporia. (price varies)

You might remember my first review was done from this company. Their jams and spreads are awesome and I am planning on giving a trio set with some homemade bread to one lucky relative this Christmas.

Idea #12

30 Piece Low Fat Donut Hole Sampler from Holey Donuts!($13.95)

This is the best source for donuts that won't make you feel guilty. You can keep them in the freezer until you need one to feed that craving for something sweet. They'll love you for this.

Idea #13

Spice Bazaar from Olio and Spices.($39.95 per box)

I love spices-who doesn't? Having different blends on is helpful to any cook. This package contains the following spice blends:

Sugar & Cinnamon Blend
Salt & Pepper Blend
Summer Blend
Tuscan Blend
Cajun Blend
Provence Blend
Grilling Blend
Ocean Blend

Santa, if you are reading this, send me one!

Idea #14

Sweet Tooth Popcorn Sampler from 479 Popcorn. ($38.00 for 5 boxes)

Ok, anyone can give popcorn, but this is no ordinary popcorn. This popcorn is made in small batches by hand and the flavors sound scrumptious!
This sampler flavors are the following:
Fleur de Sel Caramel: Delicate French salt sprinkled over caramel-drenched organic popcorn, for an interplay of sweet and salty.
Ginger Sesame Caramel: Buttery caramel infused with organic ginger and generously sprinkled with toasted organic sesame seeds. A display of tingly heat, gentle sweetness and nutty finish.

Chipotle Caramel + Almonds: A blend of rich caramel, chipotle, and spices. Roasted almonds add crunch to this sweet, spicy snack.
Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar: Our Madras curry blend, toasted coconut, and spiced cashews. A delectable savory delight.
Get your favorite person one of these and a movie to go with it.
Idea #15

Napa Valley Blend Coffee from Paupaiz Coffee ($10.00 for 14 oz bag)

I love coffee and when someone wants to give me a bag of organic and flavorful coffee, then I'm there. Five different beans from Central and South America are roasted individually at different temperatures, then blended together, producing a heavenly flavor, some detect a hint of honey sweetness. Served at several wineries and has a strong following at a local Napa market.

Now, go start your Christmas shopping!


TINA I. B. EDGAL said...

Hmm..These look very good!
Happy New Year .
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